By using and/or visiting any section of b-milk (hereinafter referred to as the Website/Casino/Company), by opening an account and using the Website, you agree to: the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, Rules of all the games, Terms of Advertising, Bonuses and Special Offers that are posted on the Website. The above Terms and Conditions shall be hereafter referred to as the “Terms“. Be sure to read the Terms and Conditions before accepting them. These Terms constitute an agreement between the online Casino and the player. Registration and betting in the Casino implicates player’s agreement with these Terms. If you do not agree with the Terms, do not use the services of the website, do not open an account and/or do not continue to use the website, since using the services of the website automatically means full agreement with the Terms.

General Terms and Conditions

  1. In case of any discrepancies in the interpretation of terms or other disagreements between the English and other versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version of Terms and Conditions will always prevail.

  2. Changes to terms and conditions 2.1. These Terms and Conditions may be changed by the Company unilaterally when the need arises. The company will do everything possible to notify the players of important changes. However, please check the Terms and Conditions regularly to be informed of changes in a timely manner. Please note that we publish the latest date of changes to these rules at the top of this page.

  3. Who can play? 3.1. b-milk accepts players only from those countries and geographical regions where online gambling is permitted by law. The player must independently inquire about the regulations and laws governing gambling in the region of his residence. The responsibility for non-compliance with such laws and regulations lies entirely with the player. 3.2. Access to the services of the website should not be interpreted as an offer or a call from the company to use the services in a country where such use of the service is illegal. The Company is not responsible for the illegal use of the site and does not reimburse any player deposits, winnings or any losses in case of violation of any legal provision that may be applicable to the player. The Player is solely responsible for complying with his/her own local, national or state laws regarding online gambling. 3.3. The responsibility for ensuring that you do not violate the laws applicable to you by participating in the games lies solely with you. Depositing real funds and playing for real money are subject to the laws of your country, and you are solely responsible for complying with your local rules. 3.4. Users from the following countries and their territories ("Prohibited Countries") are not allowed to make deposits and play games for real money: the United States of America, Bulgaria, Great Britain, Spain, France and its Overseas territories (Guadeloupe, Martinique, French Guiana, Reunion, Mayotte, Saint Martin, French Polynesia, Wallis and Futuna, New Caledonia), Netherlands, Greece, Israel, Lithuania, Dutch West Indies, Curacao, Jersey, Gibraltar, Slovenia, Angola, Albania, Iraq, Jamaica, Uganda, Pakistan, Iran, Panama, Lebanon, Zimbabwe, Mauritius, Nicaragua, Yemen, Central African Republic, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Liberia, Syria, Cayman Islands, Somalia, Congo, Korea, Eritrea, Haiti, Sierra Leone, Ethiopia, Myanmar, South Sudan, Burkina Faso, Libya, Mali, Barbados and Rwanda. The casino cannot guarantee the successful processing of withdrawals or refunds in case of violation by the player of the policies of these countries. 3.5. b-milk reserves the right to refuse service (and close the account) to the visitor without explanation. At the same time, all funds on the player's balance can be paid out in the same way they were deposited. 3.6. Only persons who have reached the age of 18 or the age necessary to be able to participate in online games according to the laws of the player's place of residence are allowed to play on the website. The responsibility for knowing the existing laws and regulations regarding age restrictions on the use of online games in their country lies entirely with the player. 3.7. Employees of the site, representatives of partner programs and close acquaintances of these individuals are not allowed to participate in games and place bets in b-milk. Betting by this category of citizens is a violation of the rules and fraudulent actions. If an account is found that is registered on the face of the affiliate program, the account is blocked. 3.8. The Company reserves the right to request from the player proof of reaching the age required for the game, as well as to restrict access to the game or suspend the account for those players who do not meet the requirements. 3.9. The Company reserves the right to block (temporarily or permanently) the account of a player who intentionally uses offensive, degrading, and obscene words to support staff and other employees of the Company. When determining the facts of insult and humiliation, the player's account and money account are frozen for an indefinite period.

  4. Availability of games 4.1. Some games may not be available in certain countries, in accordance with the terms of use of the service providers' games, which may change from time to time. 4.2. Using a VPN to bypass the provider's block is strictly prohibited and may lead to the confiscation of winnings.

  5. Commissions and fees 5.1. The Player is solely responsible for paying all necessary fees and taxes on winnings provided for by the legislation of the country or region of his residence. 5.2. We reserve the right to impose transaction processing costs on the player. The amount of the imposed costs may be 10% of the ordered withdrawal amount, unless otherwise provided by these rules. To make such a payment, the player must contact the Live Chat on his own and confirm your consent to pay the commission. Without such notification, payments will be canceled. The decision to make a payment with a commission is made entirely at the discretion of the b-milk administration.

  6. Rules of the games 6.1. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the player confirms that he/she knows the rules of the game in which he/she can participate on the website. The responsibility for knowing the payout percentages of winnings in the games in which the player participates rests entirely with him. 6.2. Participation in online games and promotions is voluntary, forced actions by third parties are punished, following the norms of the legislation of the player's country. b-milk can close promotions ahead of time without notifying the players in personal letters. In some cases, the promotion may be suspended only for players whose activities aroused suspicion from the site administration.

  7. Disclaimer of obligations and responsibilities 7.1. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the player is aware of the fact that playing on the website may lead to the loss of funds. The company does not bear any responsibility for possible financial losses incurred by the player as a result of playing on the website. 7.2. The Company is not responsible for any defects in hardware or software, loss of Internet connection or any other technical problems that may restrict the player's access to the website or interrupt his game. 7.3. In the unlikely event that a bet is confirmed or a payout is made by mistake, the Company reserves the right to cancel all accepted bets containing such an error, or correct the error by reviewing all bets in accordance with the correct rules that should have been in effect at the time of their commission in the absence of an error. 7.4. If b-milk mistakenly (due to a technical error in the winnings table, an error caused by a human factor or for other reasons) credited a win to your Gaming Account that does not belong to you, then this amount remains the property of b-milk and will be deducted from your balance. If you have withdrawn funds that do not belong to you before the error was noticed, then the amount mistakenly paid will be considered as your debt to b-milk, while not depriving us of the right to use other measures and actions provided for by law. In case of an erroneous transfer of funds, you are obliged to notify us immediately by contacting Live Chat or by writing to the mail b-milk . 7.5. b-milk , its managers, owners, partners, software providers and employees:

  • does not guarantee that the software or website meets the goals of the players;
  • do not guarantee that the software and the website are error-free;
  • do not guarantee that access to the website and/or games will be uninterrupted (without disconnection);
  • are not responsible for any losses, costs, damages or expenses, whether direct, indirect, special, related, incidental or otherwise, arising from your use of the website or in connection with your participation in the games. 7.6. You hereby agree to fully release and indemnify b-milk, its directors, employees, partners and service providers from any costs, expenses, losses, damages, claims and obligations that may arise in connection with your use of the website or in connection with your participation in the games, regardless of what they are called. 7.7. You acknowledge that the final decision on whether you have violated the Rules and Conditions of b-milk in a way that entails a temporary restriction of access or indefinite blocking in order to prevent the use of the website remains with b-milk.
  1. Using the player's account 8.1. Only one b-milk account can be opened for one player, one static IP address, one physical address, one computer (or other device), one electronic wallet or one bank card. Violation of this rule will lead to the blocking of the account and the confiscation of all funds on the player's balance. 8.2. The creation of more than one gaming account by the same player, at the discretion of the Casino administration, may lead to the deletion of all player accounts and the cancellation of all cash payments. 8.3. Any refunds, winnings or bonuses that the player has acquired or accumulated during the period of the active Duplicate Player Account may be claimed by us, and the players undertake to return on demand any such funds that have already been withdrawn from the Duplicate Player Account. 8.4. The Player must not grant anyone access to his gaming account or allow third parties (including minors) to use the website from his account. 8.5. The Website may be used only for personal purposes and should not be used to obtain any commercial profit. 8.6. When filling in the “Nickname” field in the player's profile, it is not allowed to use offensive language and obscene words, as well as any commercial or advertising information. If these violations are detected, support staff or other employees of the Company can forcibly replace the contents of the “Nickname” field with a neutral one. In case of repeated violation, the game account may be blocked, and all the funds won will be confiscated. 8.7. We reserve the right to call the number indicated in your account, which, at our discretion, may be a necessary part of the Customer Verification Procedure (KYC). Withdrawals can be suspended until the account is fully verified. We will make reasonable efforts to contact you regarding the withdrawal of funds, however, if it is impossible to contact you (by email or by phone) within two (2) weeks from the date of the payment order, the account will be blocked due to the Client Verification Procedure (KYC) not completed. 8.8. The online casino strongly recommends the player not to disseminate information about the registration data of his own account. Does not allow the disclosure of the password and login to third parties. b-milk also undertakes not to disclose the data of the accounts of site visitors, but is not liable for hacking or access to the account by third parties when the login data was transmitted by the player himself 8.9. Each player has no right to ignore letters and requests sent by the administration of the b-milk casino to the player's personal email. Therefore, when registering, it is necessary to carefully check the correct input of your own data and periodically check the basket of emails, some emails may automatically fall into the "spam" category.

  2. Fighting fraud 9.1. The Company has a strict anti-fraud policy. If a player is suspected of fraudulent activities, such as:

  • participation in any type of collusion with other players;
  • development of strategies aimed at obtaining winnings in an unfair way;
  • fraudulent actions against other online casinos or payment systems;
  • credit card refund procedures or refusal of some previously made payments;
  • using stolen cards;
  • creation of more than one account (including any other actions aimed at benefiting from casino promotions);
  • provision of forged documents;
  • providing false information during registration;
  • other types of fraud; or is bankrupt in the country of residence, the Company reserves the right to close all player's gaming accounts, suspend and/or cancel all cash payments and confiscate the balance of funds on the balance sheet. This decision is entirely at the discretion of the Casino Management, and the player will not be notified of the reasons for making such a decision. The Company reserves the right and may be forced to notify the necessary authorities if fraudulent actions performed by the player are detected. It is unacceptable to place bets through specialized programs that provide an advantage to the player and violate the integrity of the game. These actions are classified as fraudulent and involve the responsibility of the player. Betting on the b-milk casino site is allowed only through the program installed on the site. The representative of the site security service has the right to write off from the personal accounts of users finances and bonus benefits that were credited to the account dishonestly during violations of the technical support of the site. 9.2. In case of refund or withdrawal of the payment, the casino reserves the right:
  • collect from the player an amount equivalent to the available funds on the player's balance as compensation for losses and expenses related to the refund of the payment;
  • demand further compensation of losses and financial losses from the player by contacting him using one of the methods specified during registration (for example, by phone, email, etc.);
  • close the player's account and/ or cancel all winnings received as a result of this action or attempt to commit it. 9.3. While playing at the Casino, it is prohibited to pursue the goal of profiting from promotional offers. Any player who tries to take advantage of the welcome or other promotions agrees that the Company reserves the right to cancel bonuses and any winnings received as a result of playing with such bonuses. 9.4. b-milk reserves the right to withdraw the player's funds to any of the payment systems that were used to replenish the account. At the same time, actions for exchanging money using the casino website are not allowed. Such actions may result in a refusal to pay, blocking of the account and confiscation of funds in the account. 9.5. The Casino reserves the right to close your Gaming Account and return the amount on the account balance, with deduction of the relevant withdrawal fees, at its sole discretion and without any obligation to explain the reasons or send a prior notice. 9.6. To verify the player's account, documents (ID, payment systems, utility bills, etc.) in Latin or Cyrillic are required. If the player is unable to provide documents in the above alphabets, the Casino reserves the right to request confirmation by video call, during which the player will show his documents. Modification of photo documents using any special software is strictly prohibited. If the requested documents are not provided by the player within 180 days from the date of their request, we reserve the right to confiscate the balance of the player's balance and close his account. In case of suspicion of fraudulent actions against the casino or payment systems, we reserve the right to request additional documents, phone verification and video verification to verify the ownership of the player's payment data and to establish the identity of the player. Please note that all means of payment that have ever been used to top up an account at b-milk must be verified. 9.7. The Company has the right to request the following documents from any player for account verification:
  • A photo of any player's identity document (passport, ID card, driver's license);
  • A selfie with a passport/ ID card/ driver's license and a note with the inscription “Hello, b-milk” and the current date;
  • A photo of a bank card (if it was used for replenishment) or a screenshot of a page with personal data from an electronic wallet (a player may be required to take a selfie with the card, if it is not named);
  • A photo of the document confirming your address (payment invoices or bank statement, where the address and name of the player are indicated) The document must not be older than 90 days;
  • Photos with our Live chat in the background. 9.8. The Casino Rules prohibit the use of payment systems owned by third parties for depositing and withdrawing funds. If a player violates this rule, his/her account will be closed and all funds on the balance will be confiscated. We reserve the right to request additional documents to confirm that the bank account/ bank card or other payment system belongs to the player. 9.9. The Casino reserves the right to withhold payments if there is suspicion or evidence of manipulation of the casino system. Criminal charges will be brought against any user or other person(s) who/who manipulated the casino system or attempted such an attempt. The Casino reserves the right to terminate and/or modify any games or events offered on the website. 9.10. If possible errors or flaws in the software are detected, you agree to refrain from using them in your own interests. In addition, you agree to immediately inform b-milk of any error or defect. If you fail to fulfill your obligations, the Casino is entitled to full compensation for all expenses related to the error or defect, including any expenses related to the corresponding error/ defect and the absence of notification of it by the player. 9.11. Any deposit must be wagered three times (the player must place bets for an amount three times the amount of the deposit) before the player can withdraw funds associated with this deposit. In case of making several deposits without subsequent gaming activity, the player must bet the total amount of these deposits before withdrawing funds. Otherwise, the Casino reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to charge a commission for processing the deposit(s) and withdrawal of funds. 9.12. The Casino is not a financial institution and therefore should not be considered as such. The casino does not charge interest for the use of funds on your gaming account and does not offer conversion or exchange services (including the exchange of fiat currencies for cryptocurrencies and vice versa).
  1. Account replenishment 10.1. The site provides the opportunity to use different payment methods. VISA and MasterCard cards are allowed (3D Secure is mandatory), as well as various web wallets. The procedure, conditions, availability and duration of deposits, as well as fees for each payment method may vary depending on the time, as well as the country and payment method in question. 10.2. Please contact our support team to find out about the appropriate deposit method for your region of residence. 10.3. The use of third-party payment methods is prohibited. Deposits must be made only from a bank account, bank cards, payment systems or other payment methods registered in your name. If during the security checks we find that you have violated this condition, your winnings will be confiscated and the initial deposit will be returned to the owner of the payment account. The Company is not responsible for lost funds deposited from third party accounts. 10.4. The maximum deposit amount depends on the payment system that you use, and will appear on the screen after selecting the payment method.

  2. Withdrawal of funds 11.1. The maximum withdrawal amount depends on the payment system you use. If the amount of funds requested for withdrawal exceeds the limit of the payment system, the payment will be made in parts. 11.2. Online Casino b-milk independently determines the amount that the player has the right to withdraw per day from his personal account. For more detailed information regarding the timing and amount of withdrawal of funds, you should contact the support service on the website. 11.3. The Company reserves the right to verify the identity of the player before processing payments and withhold withdrawals for the time necessary to verify the identity of the player. If players provide false or incomplete personal data, the withdrawal of funds may be rejected and the user account may be terminated. The player will be informed about this by email. In some cases, the site may request the player to upload additional documents for verification of payment methods and his personal data (selfies with ID, selfies with ID and a note) or call. Failure to pass this check will lead to the closure of the account and confiscation of winnings. If necessary, the Company may notify the relevant regulatory authorities about the actions committed by the player. 11.4. b-milk supports payments using Original Credit Transfer (OCT) from Visa, as well as using Payment Transfer from Mastercard. The card used in the b-milk must not be a corporate credit card, and must also be issued in a country permitted by these rules. 11.5. Please note that even if your country is among the supported ones, we cannot guarantee a successful transaction, as the bank that issued the card may block it at its discretion. 11.6. We reserve the right to impose transaction processing costs on the player 11.7. The player is given the opportunity to make one withdrawal of funds from the gaming account without commission per day. 11.8. From the second withdrawal of funds per day, a commission of 5% of the withdrawn amount will be deducted, from the third and subsequent withdrawals 10% of the withdrawn amount. 11.9. All withdrawals via bank transfer are usually processed within 5-7 banking days. 11.10. The withdrawal time to e-wallets ranges from a few seconds to 15 minutes. Withdrawal of funds to credit and debit cards can take up to 1-5 days. The time for account verification, if necessary, is up to 12 hours. 11.11. Withdrawal of funds by bank transfer may, in exceptional cases, be subject to a fee from intermediary banks. These fees are beyond the control of the Casino.

  3. Refund Policy 12.1. A refund request will be considered only if it is requested within the first twenty-four (24) hours after the transaction or within thirty (30) calendar days if the Player claims that another person has accessed his game account. 12.2. If the funds were credited to the game account using a credit card, we reserve the right to process all withdrawal requests in the form of a refund of the deposited amount in the same way. If the withdrawal amount exceeds the total amount of deposits, any excess amount will be paid using one of the available alternative methods. 12.3. Before processing the refund, all bonuses and winnings on your balance will be deducted until the amount to be refunded is calculated. 12.4. In the event that any payments using a credit card will carry an unacceptable risk for security reasons or for legal reasons, from the point of view of the payment system or the Casino, we will initiate a refund of funds for such transactions to the credit card, notifying all relevant authorities and parties. 12.5. A refund request may be rejected by the Casino if the player has provided incorrect or intentionally modified personal data in order to bypass the system. 12.6. All costs that may arise in connection with the refund procedure are borne by the player.

  4. Bonus Terms and Conditions 13.1. All bonuses are available to players from all countries (except “Prohibited Countries”), unless otherwise specified. 13.2. Any player with an active period of self-restriction (cooling-off period) or self-exclusion (self-exclusion) has no right to participate in b-milk promotions and cannot receive any bonuses during the period of these restrictions. 13.3. b-milk has the right to cancel any bonuses and winnings if it is suspected that they were obtained dishonestly or as a result of violation of the casino's Terms and Conditions. 13.4. The Player may request a withdrawal of funds before the bonus wagering requirements are met, however, as a result of such action, the bonus amount and any winnings accumulated before the requirements are met will be canceled. 13.5. b-milk has a system of protection against exceeding the maximum amount of bets and restricting access to games in which betting with bonus money is prohibited. If a player tries to bet an amount exceeding the allowed bet amount, the system will cancel the bet. If a player tries to enter a game where betting with bonus money is prohibited, access to the game will be denied. 13.6. It is prohibited to postpone any game rounds (including free spins, any cumulative bonuses, bonus rounds) while playing with bonus money for a time when you no longer need to win back the bonus, and/or make new deposits while you have active free spins and bonus games. If a player is suspected of such actions, all bonuses and winnings received as a result of such actions may be canceled. 13.7. It is prohibited to use bonus funds exclusively for completing bonus stages. For example, when bonus or cash funds are used only to complete bonus stages (for example, to collect 9 out of 10 coins to receive a bonus in the game), and then in the final stages (for example, to collect the last coin, the 10th out of ten necessary, eventually receiving a bonus option), using bets on real money when bonus funds have been cancelled, lost or wagered and turned into money. All winnings received as a result of such a game can be canceled. 13.8. Upon the expiration of the bonus (if the wagering requirements are not met by this time), the bonus, as well as winnings from it, will be canceled. 13.9. In case of any discrepancies of these bonus terms between the English and other versions available on our website, the English version of the Bonus Policy will always prevail. 13.10. The b-milk administration has every right to update the Bonus Rules at any time. 13.11. Bonus games have their own rules and conditions of the bonus policy. Before starting the bonus game, the player must initially read the conditions to eliminate possible misunderstandings during or after the game.

  5. Rules for receiving bonuses 14.1. The first deposit bonus is an amount that does not have a clearly defined size and is credited to each player at the first replenishment of the account after registering an account on the b-milk online casino website. 14.2. The bonus can only be awarded to beginners in the game, and such an advantage is awarded only at the first game. With all subsequent independent deposits to the account, bonuses from the b-milk site will not be credited. 14.3. To receive a bonus deposit from the b-milk website, the player must make the initial amount in one payment. Replenishment of the account must be carried out electronically. The bonus will be credited to the account in the amount of the amount replenished independently. 14.4. Bonus funds are credited immediately upon making the first electronic payment to the account's own account. Bonus funds can be valid for an unlimited amount of time and can be spent at any time of the game. 14.5. First of all, when making a bet, as well as losses, financial funds are debited from the bonus account. Then, at the end of them, the write-off occurs from the main monetary account of an individual. 14.6. Bonus funds are free bets, and in order to transfer money to the account owner, it is necessary to win back the bonus. This becomes possible when setting a bet with a wager of 20 of the initial bonus amount. 14.7. A wager is an amount that indicates and determines the exact number of times required by an individual in order for the bonus to be fully withdrawn. For example, in the initial deposit of 1000 USD, the player will be credited with a special bonus from the b-milk casino with the corresponding amount. To make the transfer of bonus funds and winnings into monetary equivalent, the participant of the game will need to place a bet 20 times higher. That is, the player needs to multiply one thousand USD 20 times and the amount received will allow you to withdraw bonus money and winnings made on them. 14.8. Depending on the games, various bet sizes may be taken into account, allowing the wagering of bonuses.

  6. Inactive accounts 15.1. If the player's account is inactive for 180 days (the account holder does not make deposits, does not place bets or does not withdraw funds), then such an account is considered inactive. The Company reserves the right to close such an account and withdraw the funds available on it. If the player decides to reactivate his account, he will have to contact the support service by email or contact the Live Chat (the icon in the lower right corner of the screen).

  7. Expiration date 16.1. You agree that any claims and/or grounds for action arising from these Terms and Conditions or related to them or the service provided by the Casino must be filed within one (1) year after the occurrence of such claim or grounds for action.

  8. Complaints 17.1. If you have a complaint, the first step should be to contact the casino support service. We will do our best to provide a substantive response to your complaint as soon as possible. 17.2. Complaints are processed in the support department and forwarded to the Casino administration if the support staff did not resolve the case immediately. You will be informed of the status of the complaint within reasonable limits. 17.3. 1The Casino is obliged to take into account only the complaint filed by the direct account owner. It is prohibited to transfer or sell your complaint to third parties. The casino will reject the complaint if the issue is referred to a third party, and not resolved by the direct owner of the account. 17.4. We will do our best to resolve complaints within ten (10) calendar days from the date of receipt of the complaint. If the claim requires more time to resolve, this time period may be extended. 17.5. The Player agrees that in case of inconsistencies between the result that appears on the player's screen and the result of the game server, the results of the game server will prevail. The Player also acknowledges and agrees that the records of the game server are the last instance in determining the conditions of his participation in the relevant online gaming activity and the results of this participation. 17.6. If it is necessary to contact you to settle disputes, the company uses any of your contact details.

  9. Untranslatability 18.1. You may not assign, pledge or transfer ownership under any name to claims arising from these Terms and Conditions, the use of the Website or participation in Games against the Casino without the consent of the Casino. This prohibition is designed as a non-transferable clause, and includes the transfer of any assets of any value, including, but not limited to, account ownership, winnings, deposits, bets, rights and/or claims in connection with these assets, legal, commercial or otherwise. The prohibition on these transfers also includes, but is not limited to, encumbrance, pledge, assignment, usufruct, trading, brokerage, mortgage and/or donation in cooperation with a fiduciary or any other third party, company, natural or legal person, organization of any form.

  10. Arbitration 19.1. All disputes that may arise between you and the Casino, including its legal successors on general or special legal grounds, as a result of these Terms and Conditions or as a result of further agreements and other actions in connection with these Terms and Conditions, shall be resolved exclusively through arbitration in Cyprus and in accordance with the Rules of Civil proceedings in Cyprus.

  11. INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS 20.1. Website content is subject to copyright and other proprietary rights that are owned by the Company or used under license by a third party copyright holders. The materials on the Website are permitted for downloading only on one personal computer and can be printed out strictly for personal and non-commercial use. 20.2. You acknowledge that the use of the Website does not grant the user the rights to intellectual property (for example, copyrights, know-how or trademarks) owned by the Company or a third party. 20.3. The trade name, trademarks, logos, and/or other material posted on the Website cannot be used or reproduced under any circumstances. 20.4. You are responsible for any damage, cost or expenses incurred as a result of prohibited acts. If you become aware of committing such acts by any person, You should immediately inform the Company, as well as assist in the investigations which it could hold, taking into account the information told by You.

  12. FORCE MAJEURE 21.1. The Company shall not be responsible for failure or delay in the performance of any of its obligations under the Terms caused by force majeure circumstances, including: Natural disasters, war, civil unrest, interruptions in public communication networks or services, industrial disputes, DDOS attacks and similar Internet attacks that can have negative consequences ("Force Majeure"). 21.2. The Company’s activities shall be suspended for the duration of Force Majeure circumstances. During this period there shall be a delay in the performance of obligations. We will take all possible measures to stop the action of Force Majeure and/or pledge to seek to fulfil our obligations despite the Force Majeure event.

  13. Responsible Gambling 22.1. Remember, casino gaming should be treated exclusively as entertainment. Before playing in a b-milk, it is very important to realize that playing in a casino can in no way be considered as a means of generating income or as a way of paying off debts. We recommend that you always keep track of the amount of time you spend playing casino games and how much money you can afford to spend playing them. 22.2. If you think that you are starting to play for amounts that you cannot afford to lose, or if the game begins to have a negative impact on your life, or on the lives of your loved ones and friends, we strongly recommend that you consider taking measures such as setting personal limits on the game itself-exclusion from the game, seeking help and support from reliable independent bodies. 22.3. Self-exclusion on request. The player can always contact the support service or contact the Live Chat and inform about your desire to be excluded from the game on the website for a certain period of time or forever. The support service will take all necessary measures to restrict such a player's access to the website, as well as to protect him from all promotional offers. 22.4. Please note that if you are self-excluded for an indefinite period (including forever), the remaining funds on the balance will be paid in accordance with the limits of the casino. If you are self-excluded for a certain period of time, the remaining funds on the balance will be paid in accordance with the casino limits only after the expiration of the self-exclusion period.

  14. External assistance 23.1. You can always seek advice and support from any of the following organizations that help people cope with gambling addiction:

  • Gamblers Anonymous
  • GamCare
  • Gambling Therapy
  1. Protection of minors 24.1. b-milk accepts only players who have reached the age of 18, and also uses all possible ways to prevent minors from accessing the website. At any time, we have the right to request proof of reaching the age required to play in an online casino. If such proof is not provided, access to the site will be immediately blocked. 24.2. Nevertheless, we understand that due to the widespread use of the Internet, minors can still access the site. Therefore, we strongly recommend that parents take measures to restrict minors' access to gaming sites. There is a special software for this. For more information, you can visit the following websites:
  • CyberPatrol
  • GamBlock®
  • Solid Oak Software
  • Net Nanny