1. Balance replenishment or withdrawal is made immediately without any delays within the limits of your cards. Please note that the term of the deposit depends on the approval of the transaction by your bank. Attention: frequent transactions in small amounts can lead to rejection of the transaction, and it will be necessary to confirm it with the bank. In case of crediting problems please apply to your bank's hotline to confirm the operation. We recommend you to change your card.

  2. In case of suspicious or fraudulent deposits, b-milk has the right to block this account, cancel payments and collect winnings. b-milk is not responsible for unauthorized use of credit cards, regardless they were reported stolen or not.

  3. You fully understand and accept that your account is not a bank account. It is not covered by any insurance, guarantee, deposit or other protection provided by deposit insurance or any other insurance schemes. Interest cannot be paid on the funds in your account. Failure to process data on the Client's payment card and refusal of the bank to transfer funds are not the responsibility of b-milk. Also, b-milk is not responsible for the completeness, quality, or volume of Services offered or received by the Client through the personal bank card. The owner of the payment card is fully responsible for the financial transactions.

  4. If you find problems in our site's operation and financial transactions, you should contact technical support.

  5. You can request to withdraw money from your account at any time including: all payments transferred to your account have been verified and none of them has been cancelled or annulled;

  6. The identification procedure is mandatory when the amount requested for withdrawal is more than the maximum possible . It is carried out by sending a copy or digital photo of the player's identity document, such as a passport or ID card. The company also has the right to request other additional documents.

  7. The valid terms, conditions and fees for withdrawal of funds from the gaming account are subject to change. In case of suspicion of fraud (multi-accounting, use of any game automation software, abuse of loyalty programs, bonuses, etc.), the game site has the right to suspend operations and/or payment of funds in the game account for the time of the game activity will be checked up to its completion.

  8. The payment may be canceled if it has been determined that:

  • one Customer has multiple gaming accounts (multiple registrations, multi-accounting), including under a new name. The Gaming Site does not recommend two or more Clients to place bets from the same IP address (one device, local network);

  • one Client uses the data of other persons to register new gaming accounts, including his family members;

  • the Client is suspected of using any software that allows to automate the process of gambling;

  • deposits/withdrawals were made from the same account to different cards; the same payment cards were used in different accounts; in these cases it is necessary to inform the cashier or operator in advance.

  • Abuse of loyalty programs takes place;


  1. Funds are withdrawn only from the User's Main Balance. The User can apply for withdrawal on the "Withdraw" page. After the withdrawal request is submitted, the funds are deducted from the Primary Balance for the withdrawal transaction. The User can independently check the status of the withdrawal request and, if necessary, cancel it. After the withdrawal request is cancelled, the funds will be automatically credited to the Primary Balance. If the User finds incorrectly filled out details in the withdrawal request, the request should be cancelled in case it has not been processed yet. The User understands that after the withdrawal request is processed, the funds will be sent to the bank account specified in the request. b-milk is not obliged to check availability of wallet cards for which User is withdrawing money but in case of incorrectly specified details will try to assist in refunding if possible. Withdrawal requests to b-milk are processed seven days a week. If the request is processed correctly and there are no additional requirements for the user, withdrawals will be processed within 24 hours after the user's request. b-milk shall pay out winnings in the same currency and by the same payment method as the deposit was made. The exceptions are the cases when it is impossible to carry out such transaction due to technical reasons or financial constraints. The final choice of the method, timing and currency of payment is made by the administration of b-milk.

  2. Withdrawal of funds from the gaming account is carried out only after confirmation that the owner of the gaming account in b-milk is the owner of the payment method on which the withdrawal was requested. Money transfer in favor of other persons regardless of degree of relationship is strictly prohibited.

  3. All costs of funds transfered by the recipient and are deducted from the amount of transfer. The user is fully responsible for providing true information when requesting a withdrawal.

  4. The user must pass the verification procedure to identify his identity. In case of refusal of verification for any reason the user will be provided with remarks necessary to correct it.

  5. Valid terms, conditions and fees for the withdrawal of funds from the gaming account may change and are always reflected on the page "Withdraw". In case of "empty" and unreasonable withdrawal transactions from the game account by the user the Company reserves the right to set individual fees for future financial transactions to the user.

  6. To withdraw funds from the game account to the bank payment card VISA or MasterCard the user does not have to have a bank account in the currency of the game account. International payment systems independently and automatically recalculate any cash payments in the currency of the game account from any currency at current interbank rates.

  7. Withdrawal of funds from the game account can be carried out only on the same card with the help of which was deposited to the game account. If you have changed card details or a deposit was made by a card of another payment system it is necessary to make the minimum deposit to your account with any active payment card (issued in any currency) in order to "open" a transaction for the payment from the gaming account.

  8. If you wish to withdraw more than the maximum possible (or equivalent in another currency) b-milk reserves the right to split the payout into daily payouts until the full amount is paid out.

  9. In case of suspicion of fraud (multi-accounting, using of any betting software, playing on arbitrage situations, using the gaming account and other products offered by b-milk, abuse of loyalty programs, etc. not for betting) b-milk may suspend operations and/or payments on the gaming account for the duration of the gaming activity audit until its completion.

  10. b-milk shall not be liable for losses or damages that may be incurred by the user or any third party due to technical failures including those caused by virus attacks or other malicious activities aimed at this website, failures on the part of the software provider (third party), etc. b-milk shall not be obliged to pay winnings to the user if they are erroneously credited to the user's account which do not belong to the user as a result of a technical or human error, including that of the software provider (third party),

  11. b-milk reserves the right to suspend, revoke or cancel any payouts or winnings that were obtained due to intentional or unintentional use of technical errors or vulnerabilities. The user must return all such withdrawn erroneous winnings and payouts, and the casino has the right to collect them, including money from the deposits in future. In the case of incorrectly credited funds and/or if any technical errors or vulnerabilities are discovered, the user must notify Support immediately. The right to determine whether in a particular case there was an explicit or implicit technical error, or not, belongs solely to b-milk.

  12. Withdrawal of funds from the gaming account of the user on his initiative is possible not earlier than in 24 hours after the first crediting of funds to the gaming account of the user.

  13. b-milk reserves the right to make refunds (withdrawals) from the user's game account by any method at its sole discretion, including determination of the commission, limits on the number and amount of transactions.

  14. b-milk grants the user the right to withdraw only the first deposit, in case if he has never used the service and did not perform the required number of spins with further verification before withdrawal. Refunds are possible subject to the operator's commission of 10% or more.

  15. b-milk reserves the right to verify the owner of the gaming account, as well as to suspend operations and / or payment of funds in the gaming account for the time of verification procedures. Initial verification is carried out to confirm that the user's game account has been registered to the real data and that he has reached the age of 18 years.

  16. The terms of the game account verification are established individually for each game account. At the user's refusal (evasion) to pass the verification procedure, providing alien, forged (edited with the help of various programs and graphic editors) documents, b-milk has the right to decide to cancel all bets made by the user and return all funds transferred to the user's game account.