Casino tournaments: Secrets of Luck

Our online casino attracts new customers and keeps regular gamblers by offering various bonuses, gifts, awards, and prizes. You can participate in the tournament and win a large amount of money on our site. It is a good chance to compete with other players online.

What the Tournament Racing is

Tournaments are competitions where everyone gets points for activity and progress in online entertainment. Previously, they were just poker, blackjack, and roulette games, where gamblers used all their skills to win. But now, the classic gambling competitions are changing to a new level of gambling, and we are talking about slots.

Special competitions are held only for registered gamblers. The amount of their prize is always significant, which is why many people want to fight for the title of the best player and get to the TOP.

Features and Rules of Tournaments

The site regulates the frequency of organizing such events. They can be held every week, month, or on certain holidays. The conditions can be different, for example: setting a limit, mandatory play in specific slots, payment fee, or free participation.

There are general and unchanging rules, they include:

  • only registered participants who have passed verification on the site;
  • gamblers must agree to the terms of participation;
  • the time of the competition is limited;
  • the gambler must play the minimum number of times, the value of which is set by each platform individually,;
  • the winner is the one who takes the leading position on the list;
  • the participant must be of legal age;
  • gamblers need to fund their account to place bets;
  • prizes are divided among several people;
  • statistics are tracked in real-time;
  • players can not play on all machines, only on sure of them;
  • just click on the «Participate» button to participate in the tournament;
  • contributions are not counted at the end of the terms of the holding;
  • it is forbidden to participate several times using new accounts.

Any registered user can take part in the competition. They must have a sufficient amount in the account to invest money.

Winning conditions are divided into 2 groups where:

  1. You need to get the highest payout multiplier.
  2. You need to invest as much money as possible.

Participating in fights from the first group is more profitable since they meet much more often and give more chances to win.

Strategies and Tricks that will help you to Win

There is a misconception that it is almost impossible to win in slots. People think that skills and knowledge are useless since fortune decides everything. But in fact, there are a large number of life hacks that can change such an opinion. Meet the most common winning strategies:

  • Don't play with your last money—no need to bet everything with the hope of hitting the jackpot. Fortune is fickle, and you never know how the tournament will end. You should always count on such an amount that it will not be a pity to lose.
  • Practice in demo mode. This requires frequent training. Regular leveling of skills in a free mode will help you achieve the desired problem and self-confidence.
  • Learn games. Organizers can announce which machines will be used. Thus, you must read reviews about slots known to you periodically. Such knowledge will help you gain experience in the future.
  • Enhance your experience. An accurate understanding of the features of machines comes with experience. Each slot has its specifics, behaves in its own way, and has individual winning schemes. You can only find out for yourself.
  • Use working bidding systems. Parlay — lower your investment a little with each defeat, and double it with a victory. Pyramid increases deposits after each round, regardless of the result, and reduces it only when the maximum mark is reached. Martingale is the most winning system that doubles up on losses.

Success depends a lot on luck. Although professionals have a better chance of winning, a beginner can also win. The leader is chosen by chance. Carefully read the conditions before playing, and take care of the availability of money and free time. Always evaluate your results, reduce or increase the bet size, and end the round on time.

Race on our Site «Casino7»

Tournaments are held on our site every month. The next one starts from 09.12 and will last until 30.12. The prize fund is two hundred thousand. TOP games that will be presented in the list:

  • Fruitscapes;
  • Upper hot;
  • Searing Hot;
  • Red Chilli Luck and others.

All details will be described on the «Tournaments» page.

You can compete for prizes by playing your favorite slot machines during the competition on our site. Choose any of the games listed above and invest in the amount that is convenient for you to make betting fun and get chances for an additional win. The points earned by the participants are summed up and form a rating.