Ocean Battle: Addictive Game

Ocean Battle is a game that allows users to immerse themselves in the seaworld. The high-quality graphics allows you to fully experience the fantastic features of the platform and find some similarities with the Fishtable game. Well-developed design reflects on the user experience.

Be sure that you will wish to spend as much time as possible in the game Ocean Battle thanks to the realistic environment. The entertainment activates the player's reaction, team and thematic skills. This game allows users to relax by diving into the depths of the ocean and to earn money at the same time.

What is the Essence of the Entertainment

Ocean Battle is considered to be a hybrid of slot machines and video games with no reels or paylines. The gambler shoots marine life with bullets that serve as an exhaustible balance. The player receives points, prizes and doubles the winning balance when hitting an opponent.

You can play via your mobile phone and PC. Each killed marine gives a win rate that starts at x2 and ends at x888. In the case of catching a bonus creature, you can increase an amount or get extra points which help in the further course of the game.

At the beginning the player chooses a room with a certain number of participants. The minimum number of gamblers is 4 and the maximum is 10. You can play alone or with friends by inviting them to the game through a specially generated number.

Slot Structure and Rules

The interface is simple and designed in such a way that it does not cause difficulties. To understand the essence of the game, you need to familiarize yourself with its capabilities and only then move on to the entertainment.

You can change the cost of bullets to strengthen the gun and for an accurate hit using the auto-guidance mode In Ocean Battle.

Basic principles of the entertainment:

  1. the game starts by entering the room;
  2. you can use the touchpad of a laptop or a computer mouse to control a process of the game;
  3. each shot removes points and killed creatures add them;
  4. you need to click on the plus sign to increase the power of the shot;
  5. the left mouse button is used for shooting and target selection, the right one is for enabling auto-guidance;
  6. the main goal is to destroy as many enemies as possible.

The creators have added a bonus feature to add more intrigue to the game and speed up the shooting process. The gambler can open the tutorial to get acquainted with the main functions of Ocean Battle. It is located in the control panel. A guide appears for review at the beginning of the game. The menu tab contains the paytable, which shows the bets and the cost of each hero.

The Main Inhabitants of the Game and their Abilities

During the game you will meet many different creatures. This entertainment is a kind of hunting in the depths of the ocean. Some heroes give a small amount of resources, others give a chance to win the jackpot.

In the game you can meet such inhabitants:

  1. Bomb crab. It explodes and hits opponents upon defeat.
  2. Magnet Bomb. It activates, pulls enemies towards itself and explodes.
  3. Vortex. It attracts surrounding enemies of the same type using whirlwinds and then explodes them.
  4. Crab King. It strikes all over the field after its death with the possibility of winning up to x3500.
  5. Ancient Crocodile. It hits the playing field several times with a growing multiplier.
  6. Golden dragon. It has a feature that helps you win with odds up to x2500.

The game also has some bonuses for example a super multiplier is a shining golden field that appears around the fish and gives it a x20 multiplier. A laser gun is a weapon with which you can instantly catch a large number of inhabitants, it works the same as golden field.

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