Galaxy Shooter: classic space shooter

Galaxy Shooter is a survival genre of the game that provides you with an opportunity to take over the role of a space fighter pilot. This is a classic space shooter from our "Casino7" website. The playing field represents a colorful map of a distant galaxy. A player has to shoot at the alien stormtroopers that are constantly flying toward him. You get bonus points for each victory, which you can use to upgrade the system and fight the invaders. The participant will need to react and be able to remember the types of enemy flying objects - each aircraft you attack and bring it down adds points to your balance.

Battle rules

Once you start a battle, you’ll get a weapon to fight with. To change the direction of the shot, you need to move the mouse over the monitor. For your convenience, there is a circle aiming for accurate shots. During the battle, you need to follow the numbers at the bottom - you can see the current cost of the shot and the balance. The more expensive the bullet, the cooler the gun. Weapon parameters can be changed, this is important for controlling the balance in the wallet.

The player's task is to shoot down as many enemies as possible and earn coins that can be used to upgrade your arsenal. The player's balance is the number of bullets, at the end of the round you need to shoot down as many opponents as possible to maintain your positive balance.


The player has several online game modes available depending on the number of participants: 4, 6, 8, or 10. By adding the number of pilots, you can increase your winnings and earn more money in a shorter period of time. In each active window, you can see the result of the last win online, “Top Win” numbers, use an “Invite a friend” link. At the top of the display, there is a “Quickstart” menu and a button that expands the shooter window. On the left, you can see the TOP of the best pilots with the winning amounts before choosing the battle parameters. When the game window is maximized, the list disappears, allowing you to fully dive into the intergalactic battle.

During the battle, the participant is allowed to:

  1. Share the table ID with his friends to invite them to join the battle.
  2. Change weapon.
  3. Open the Settings window.
  4. Turn sound ON/OFF.
  5. Check out the order of payments and read the battle rules.


Manual shooting is quite easy: you just select a target, aim it, and press the left mouse button. To quickly defeat the enemy, you will need to click the mouse as often as possible. It’s important not to lose the target, following its trajectory.

With the left mouse button, you can switch the target selection mode during auto-targeting. When an aim is selected, the auto-targeting indicator lights up in a bright purple circle. When the mode is activated, you can see the two perpendicular lines inside the circle. When you disable the auto mode, the light-up circle disappears and a standard yellow target appears instead. In auto mode, a new target is determined independently as soon as the previously selected missile carrier is destroyed. In the auto-mode you don’t have to track the movement: the system tracks the path of the enemy independently and shoots exactly right at his control center.

How to earn points

You can earn a different number of coins by shooting at various liners; there are several types of aircraft in the game. When you strike them, you can see a message at the bottom about the bonus received - it's easier to remember all the variants.

  1. Flash: it zaps all nearby spaceships when knocked down. Rewards are awarded for all destroyed apparatus.
  2. Bomb: activates a bomb that explodes all objects in its sight. A powerful explosion is guaranteed.
  3. Laser: activates a powerful shot that hits objects faster.
  4. Drill: transforms a common cannon into a lethal one, increasing its combat performance.
  5. Wheel: gives a chance to spin the wheel of fortune with multipliers up to x500.
  6. Battle Cruiser: grants 60 bonus shots.
  7. Magnet Bomb: attracts and detonates interceptors by pulling them with its magnetic holder.
  8. Golden Box: increases the size of the prize with each shot. You can get the maximum bonus if you shoot the enemy while it glows.
  9. The ring on the fighter launches a whirlwind that pulls in all nearby objects if you make a direct hit.
  10. Hitting the Star Lord allows you to increase your bet and get a prize from x10 to x200.

Advantages and drawbacks

Conquering the expanses of the Universe with an online shooter, each user can feel like a pilot of a combat fighter and fight against alien invaders. Among the undeniable advantages of this game, the following should be noted:

  1. interesting interface;
  2. simple and intuitive gameplay;
  3. the devs have tried hard in terms of the graphics, and it turned out to be amazing;
  4. each user can upgrade his spaceship;
  5. well-thought-out enemy strength, which makes the battle exciting;
  6. different weapon options in the arsenal for different types of enemies;
  7. bright sound and video effects;
  8. unobtrusive background music;
  9. abundance in levels guarantees a long and exciting pastime.

Speaking about the drawback of this shooter, we can note the lack of 3D graphics: the shells hit the enemy that is closer to the player. You can’t inspect the surroundings, thus, the user is forced to monitor the emerging objects and choose the most convenient target to attack. If everything goes smoothly, you can make good enough money if you manage to shoot down profitable enemy ships or get into the maximum field when attacking the Wheel.

Online games are a great opportunity to escape from earthly realities. Galaxy space shooter is available on our website to all users. Sign up and join in the battle of the strongest for peace in the galaxy!