New Fishing Dragnet Game

Fishtable is a new trend in the world of gambling. Here you don't need to spin the wheel. Players can win using their abilities, not luck. If you want to win, you need to use reaction, teamwork, and tactical skills. As a result, the game will allow you not only to pass the time excitingly, plunging into the relaxing atmosphere of the ocean depths but also to get real money.

Fishtable: Fishing in the Underwater Kingdom

The essence of Fishtable is extremely simple: with the help of guns, gamers need to catch aquatic inhabitants in the net to get points. You can play both on a mobile phone and a computer. It takes a few minutes to figure out the gameplay and rules. After that, it remains only to observe the living creatures and develop your own strategy for making a profit. The game is an exciting activity that will help you not only to have fun but also become a rich person.

22 species of marine life that can be caught in the net will help to achieve your goal. Each fish gives a certain win rate, starting from x2 and ending with x888. If you catch a creature with a bonus, you can increase the winning amount by the specified number. Also, you can get points that will help you earn the required number of credits in the future.

At the very beginning, you can choose a room. Each can fit 4-10 gamblers. You can also play the game in single-player mode. After making a choice, the player receives a number, which he can share with his friends. Now they can also join the process. The site is closed to outsiders. Those who follow the link get the opportunity to compete with their comrades for free and have fun to find out who will get the most points.

The game will please gamers with a bright design and memorable soundtracks. The graphics are modern, and each fish is drawn by professional designers and has its own animation. When a player catches a fish, he will get the coins into the gambler's personal account.

How to Play: Instructions for Beginners

Learning the gameplay will take only a couple of minutes. Its main features are as follows:

  1. First, you need to create a room or pick one from the options offered.
  2. The gameplay involves using a laptop touchpad, PC mouse device, or smartphone sensor to shoot a fish.
  3. Each shot pulls points off, while the fish caught add them. Catching a small fish is the simplest task. If you want to shoot a water dragon, you will have to spend a lot of missiles (points).
  4. The cost of a shot can be increased by pressing the plus button. It improves the weapon and the lethality of the bullet. At the same time, if the hit is successful, the player will receive the most coins. They can be immediately seen on the game balance.

The Main Characters are Marine Animals

In the process, the gambler will find many unique creatures. The game itself resembles spearfishing, taking place somewhere in the ocean. There are a lot of colorful living creatures around, and each animal has a certain win rate. Some of them give a few credits. Others will help you win the jackpot. To double the bet amount, you need to shoot from the cannon accurately at the sea animals. Try not to miss.

In addition to ordinary ocean dwellers, you can also find bonus creatures in the game. They have a certain quantity of functions.

Here are some of them:

  1. Stinging Jellyfish — it has long tentacles that create an electric field for paralyzing nearby fish.
  2. Explosive crab — using it, you can catch all the creatures in the room with one shot.
  3. Dragon King is the most important creature with an x200 multiplier. Catching him is the most difficult task in the game. For this purpose, it is better to cooperate with other gamblers.
  4. Super multiplier — it is a shiny golden field that randomly appears around any fish, giving it a factor of x20.
  5. The laser gun — is a one-time weapon that allows you to catch a lot of marine animals instantly.
  6. Firestorm — it gives 60 missiles for free that can be fired at creatures.

Playing Fishtable is very interesting and easy. The gameplay captures from the first minute and allows you to spend your free time pleasantly and usefully.