About All Ways Cats

Trying your luck and taking risks is the hidden passion of any person, and it is much more pleasant to do this when everything in the game looks nice and friendly. All Ways Cats by InBet Games is a prime example of where you can find all these features. Maneki-Neko is a cat that will be your guide to the Japanese neighborhood, accompanied by pleasant oriental music. In the end, a 5-slot reel will be waiting for you, where you can play the strings of your emotions and try your luck. Is it worth a try?

What do the symbols mean?

The guide introduces you to the meaning of symbols from the very beginning. You can see a description of all the characters on the loading screen — number 3 means 7 extra spins, 4 means 10, and 5 means 14. In addition, there is a handy paytable detailing each bonus's meaning. The most valuable of them is a bag of gold. You will get 500 extra points if it falls out 5 times. There are other elements with multiple drops, of which you will receive a significant bonus.

The gaming process gives hints and little explanations of every aspect to make playing more enjoyable. You can figure it out right away without any questions.

Rules of the game

The game is easy to understand. The rules are simple, and the interface is not clogged with buttons or different inscriptions; everything is intuitive. On the left side at the bottom is the bet's price; next to it is your balance; the minimum bet is 1, and the maximum is 1000. If you have calculated everything in advance and just need to repeat the bet, you can turn on the automatic mode, which will repeat the last one. Of course, playing yourself is much more interesting — you can change the bet and experience new emotions. All the luck is only in your hands: you influence the result of the reel scrolling, and only you can stop it.

If the victory is yours, you can increase the size of your prize by playing another game. You have to guess which card is turned upside down. There are several cases: guess black or red, spades or crosses, and diamonds or hearts.

If you can make a few more scrolls, you are fortunate. Your balance increases with each new attempt during free spins when all symbols starting from three are counted.

Interesting features

The things that attract players include the following features:

  • Atmospheric soundtrack. In the game, you will find pleasant, relaxing music with an oriental motif, which sound effects caress the ear during game actions. All this creates a sense of immersion and makes the resulting emotions more vivid.
  • Quality graphics. Well-designed pictures and the pleasant appearance of Japanese-style characters will make your stay with us longer.
  • Beautiful animations. The smooth disappearance of windows and the animation of each action is pleasing to the eye. Each event on the screen has its effect.
  • Convenient interface. It is intuitive, not overloaded; there are few elements — everything is clear and straightforward.
  • Simple rules. Every aspect of the game will be explained to you. Slight hints appear unobtrusively everywhere; they will help you quickly remember everything and learn how to play in the shortest possible time. You can develop your strategies and look for patterns — this is a fascinating process, the very spark of any game: understand the rules and figure out how to win.
  • Hints. You can find the meaning of each element, each symbol in the window called by a question mark at the bottom of the screen. In addition, there are already highly-ranked players who can share some secrets with you and give you some advice.
  • Convenient settings. You can adjust the volume of sound and music and go to full-screen mode for complete immersion.

The game is played for money from your balance on the site, or you can try a demo account. The currency used is Kazakhstan Tenge (KZT). You can top up on our game portal at the rate indicated there.

In addition to your investments, you can increase your balance for free using the referral system, inviting a friend, winning a tournament, or using a bonus. The site has a convenient accrual system, for example, scheduled cashback, deposits (both the first and for a specific amount limit), and many other equally useful ones. You will receive an additional reward on your balance for registration, which you can already use for the game.

You can upgrade your account, raise your position in the ranking, and compete with other players in performance.